Paul Bark was born in Berlin and grew up in Zingst. He is currently living and studying in Greifswald. He volunteers as a lifeguard for the DLRG (Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs- Gesellschaft e. V.). Eversince he was a child he has been enthusiastic about films of all kinds.


Thorid Garbe was born 1992 in Greifswald, after her graduation she started an apprenticeship as a tailor and C-cantor and worked as a costume assistant at the theatre in Lüneburg. After a brief study of costume design at the Academy of Arts in Dresden, she is currently studying social work at the University of Applied Sciences in Neubrandenburg.


Franziska End was born in Zweibrücken. She currently studies Psychology in Greifswald. Eversince her childhood she has loved story telling of different kinds, especially movies, books and personal reports.


Haress Ghafari is 23 years old. He grew up in Hamburg where he got in touch early with different cultures. This aroused an interest for the arts of foreign countries and film in all its facets. Currently he studies dietetics in Neubrandenburg to become a dietician.


Timo Ladwig is 26 years old and studies geoinformatics. Originally from Karlsruhe, he moved to Neubrandenburg for his studies. In his free time he does climbing and hiking. When indoor he likes to spend time watching films and TV series.