This year's youth programme presents works by filmmakers that link past, present and guture whilst presenting an entertaining and inspiring approach to documentary filmmaking.



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CINESTAR | THURSDAY 18.10. | 11:00
Going places
(from age 14)

How do young people deal with today’s chaotic society and general confusion and alienation? Moreover so, if they are faced with an important decisions that might define their future? 


KINO LATÜCHT | THURSDAY 18.10. | 10:00
Going Wild – European competition
(from age 15)

Six films that show wild creatures and adventures, follow nonconformist youths and reveal touching stories revolving around fishes, mice, turtles and snakes.


KINO LATÜCHT | FRIDAY 19.10. | 10:00
Territory & Map – European competition
(from age 16)

A compilation programme focusing on our contradictory relation to past and present, whilst contemplating about faith and religions.